Medical Social Services

Medical Social Services or Case Management helps clients by providing access to various support services which can be greatly useful for patients themselves - as well as their family members.  When dealing with disease, injury or disability, it's not only the physical aspect that affects the patient.  Equally as important, the emotional aspect in dealing with health challenges should not be set aside.  This is where the services of Medical Social Workers and Case Managers can become invaluable.

Enhancing patient care, Social Services and Case Management allows clients access to:

  • Family counseling
  • Hospital discharge assistance
  • Rehabilitation guidance
  • grief counseling / bereavement support
  • Safety at home, assessment and recommendations
Contact Information
2512 24 Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20018
Phone: 202-832-8340

Rosemarie Sesay, RN

Mr. Kenneth Osuji

Winstina Taylor, RN
Quality Assurance Manager